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Snowlegend - Freeride camp since 1993

Be charmed by the wild beauty of the high mountain unpatrolled ski area of La Grave, the Glaciers of La Meije - 3986m / 1500m ! Your future playground is one of the largest offpiste skiing areas in Europe!
The Snowlegend mountain guides use their expert knowledge of routes to prepare itineraries of freeride, ski touring with unforgettable descents in powder, with vertical drops of over 2000m / 7000ft ! Always motivated, the Snowlegend team continues to offer customers from around the world one of the best guiding service lagrave and in the Alps ...
Come and share our passion for powder, freeride, offpiste, backcountry, big mountain, freerando, couloirs, forest runs, snowboard, splitboard, snowkite... and discover the multitude of great lines. Each day, enjoy a magical experience and connect to the energy of La Meije!
The best freeride conditions await you from X-mas to May!
Take advantage of our experience in a friendly and cool ambiance, respectful of the mountain!
Keep Energy for Riding Pow pOw poW With Smile !

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Aujourd'hui c'était.... comment dire ? poudré ❄️

Aujourd'hui c'était.... comment dire ? poudré ❄️  Likes : 169

Deux superbes journées avec l'équipe @pictureorganicclothing 💪🏽 ❄️❤

Deux superbes journées avec l'équipe @pictureorganicclothing 💪🏽 ❄️❤  Likes : 160

@leeglooo enjoying the powder ❄️

@leeglooo enjoying the powder ❄️  Likes : 168

The famous gondola 😋 by @alpineheros 🤙🏽

The famous gondola 😋 by @alpineheros 🤙🏽  Likes : 204

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